Zagreb Airport how to travel safe

If you are planning a trip to the capital of Croatia – Zagreb or any other summer destination its good to know that always is a good idea to book also a car or bus transfer from/to the airport (aka Pleso Airport).  You have few choices :

1 ) To  rent a car from the airport which is the most expensive way to travel from the airport. Just beware of scam taxi drivers and always ask for the final price or fare for the travel.

2) Take the bus to the center and get another suitable transportation from there – its not a bad option and should be the cheapest one but will mention that not all buses in Zagreb are with air conditioners in the summer and there is really hot sometimes (35-40C)

3) Book private car transfer – its the best way if you are not travel alone – 2 people will pay almost the same fare as if they take the bus but the car transfer can take you straight to your final destination.


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