Transfer From Bourgas Airport To Sunny Beach

This summer in Sunny beach will be sunny almost all the time as of weather forecast shows on –

So if you book your hotel, the flight and buy snorkel and mask one more thing to do before go is to pre book or save a transportation from the airport to Sunny Beach. There are several ways to go from Bourgas (BOJ) Airport to center of Sunny Beach –

1. To take the bust or those small shuttles (route taxis) – usually this is the most afordable way to travel. The cons are that they usually dont have air cons and weather sometimes is really hot – more than 30C degree in Bourgas in the summer. You can find them here –

2. Take a taxi from outside the airport – pros are you dont have to book before flight. Cons are – they are usually double the price for booking airport transfer, sometimes they can be rude and can not really find your hotel or place at all. -

3. To book airport transfer – this you can do just before flight with no hussle for 1 minute or so. Their prices are usually really competitive and offer real comfort of travel – free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, polite drivers, and usually they take you straight from the airport to the hotel or place of your stay at Sunny Beach. You can find those here –

Weather in Sunny Beach for 2015 summer here :



Climate forecast and data for Sunny Beach for 2015: climate-sunny-beach


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